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About Us


Sip your favorite cocktail while you paint a masterpiece!

The paint-and-sip art studio is a fun and funky space with an exciting social flair! Guests get their creative juices flowing as a professional art instructor guides them through a 2 - 3 hour acrylic on canvas painting class while they enjoy their favorite wine, beer, non-alcoholic beverage, and snacks. All supplies are included with the class such as brushes, paints, canvases, easels, and aprons. Every class is taught step-by-step, so there is NO EXPERIENCE necessary!

Think you can’t even draw a stick figure? You are PERFECT for our classes! During the class, one of our professional artists will instruct the entire class through step-by-step painting instruction and show the entire group how to paint the selected painting of the day or night. Most of our paintings even come with a preliminary sketch onto the canvas! We show you which brush to pick up, which colors to mix and how to apply them to the canvas.

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